The Truth Revealed - We are Transparent Because we have nothing to hide

WE ARE TRANSPARENT---Read on to discover and witness how defamation could rob people of true treatments. We aim to stand tall, above the rest and serve you.

So you start your searching...... 

1 You want to know are they legit?

2 Are they telling you the truth when you talk to them or are they all talk and marketing with no delivery of their promises of hope?

3 When a patient goes for treatment what is the average survival rate?


Are you seeking answers to these questions?  And you will more than likely base your decisions on these answers.  Right?


But wait ……. There are some things you want to add to your equation as you seek these answers.


1 You want to look at who is reviewing or commenting on a facility! Are they trolls from competitors or the Big Medicine Industry?

2 What sites are these comments made in, public, private or some wiki type site? 

Public forums offer people a place to tell their story and let others comment back. Your next door neighbor could pose as an expert - so beware.

Private sites offer a place where one person can express their opinion and allows no prove or rebuttal. These types of sites are often put up by one person with a grudge or being paid by another facility to slander a competitor. [ This is the real-world folks – yes, it’s done every day]

We found out some clinics, government agencies, non-profit foundations that are for profit like the American Cancer Society, pay upwards of 8000$$ to groups of trolls to infiltrate sites, post blog comments and put up scam and quack blogs to bring alternatives to a halt.

3 A wiki type site – that is a site that is put up for anyone to comment with no proof, often contains false or misleading information. These types of sites look like they are there for consumer protection, but the accused has no way of getting false statements taken down. Such sites are great places for competitors or those with a grudge can easily put up fake news and slander the competitors. [ Ask anyone that has had false statements put up on Wikipedia – Rip-off – Complaints.com – Pissedoff.com etc.] These companies do not take down complaints but if you want to argue and prove the complaints are false, they charge you big dollars to take them down. It's free to defame, and expensive to render justice. Also expensive for you, because you could pick the wrong place based on lies.

 Let's start analyzing:

Now – taking into consideration how many patients a facility may have within a period of time, if you see only one or two complaints then you may say a ratio of 2 out a several hundred is not bad but very good.  If you see numerous complaints across the internet in forums, private and wiki type sites then the ratio is going to be considerably higher bringing down a facilities overall rating.  Every business, everywhere will have a disgruntled customer that will make a complaint, it’s a matter of doing business but its is the average or ratio that makes the difference.

For us , we have two complaints one from an old fellow with some early dementia that we dealt with when we treated him.. And another supposedly from a woman that claimed poor treatment, but she was surprised when we asked her why she made the complaint. The complaint was written as if from her, but traced back to a Mexican facility a bit miffed we had helped some of their patients receive our treatment [ competitors think they have to destroy each other] The same people are all mentioned in a private site – written by a person who is obvious an alias. [we had some tracing done as to who it was - we will let them remain anonymous and let authorities handle them]  Her or his story is filled with false statements and accusations, unfounded. A posting deliberately published to cause harm ---- but they are all the same person.  The people mentioned that we supposedly did not help either died of other causes, such as chemotherapy late side effects, heart attack, blood transfusion of the wrong blood, and some we never treated but all posted to look as though we failed them.

Simply put, we can kill cancer but we can't make you live forever or prevent future health issues.  It is also mentioned that Jesicha's Hope and Nadine Napolitano from there are paid by us, that is not true, they are a separate entity and have no association other than that give out our treatment center as an option as they do other places, they also do After Care for us as they do for other places as well. Another mention is a Dr Mary Blakely in the USA, we have no direct association with her, our patients talk to each other, if one finds someone they like they tell each other. No one here nor Jesicha's Hope have a business relationship with Dr Blakely. She does not send people to us, nor we to her; it is always has been a patient to patient recommendation, and will remain. We did discover that 4 patients came to us after seeking a scan from her, former patients of ours told had told their friends with cancer to first get a scan from Blakely and then go to us where they had gone. Blakely had no involvement in any of these 4 patients. The false news site states over 35 patients, a total fabrication of a malicious mind.

https://cancercompassalternateroute.com/resources/cytoluminator-scam/  the malicious site

https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/cytoluminator  the site where our dementia patient and the fake woman complained

 Note: Troll comments on the above sites. We have had past patients and family members make positive or rebuttals on each of these sites. On the first site it is fully controlled by the author; hence only troll complaints are left up and our past patients or family members have said their comments to rebuke the accusations are deleted every time. Reason why you see only fake negatives.

This is transparency - we are not afraid of what is out there because we know it is not true and want you to be fully aware.

How is our Rating? One or two out of hundreds is a good rating we believe. And one was a fake complaint.  Yes we have had people complain they didn't like the tropics, they wanted to go into the city but were told it was against our policy to have patients exposed to the public during treatment, they they thought our wifi was too slow, they the didn't like the maids were not on call 24-7, they thought the treatment should be harder - our treatment is non-toxic and easy on the body,  that they didn't think our scientist had a good bedside manner, that they wanted to be fully cured when they left and didn't want a recovery period - the body has to go through recovery and for cancer progressed into many mets is not easy,  and they expected a miracle  or 100 percent cure rate -you cannot cure everyone, too many mitigating circumstances cause some late stage patients just unable to survive but only God knows who they are. WE ARE NOT GOD.


We do need to post this for full transparency – while the two above are directly related, the first one mentions the accusations that the researcher of Cytoluminator was an sex offender in USA – FBI clearance records show he has a clean record with NO arrests, convictions or accusations. He is not, never has been on the sex offenders list [something you never get off by the way] It is a falsehood. Please see records for yourself.

FBI Page #1

FBI Page #2

National Sex Offender List

Asked why he continues helping with such slandering? " I have spent my whole life in the competitive medical field and my work is my life. My mother said go out and cure the cancer that is killing me. I have to keep doing it because you never break a promise to your mother. Never." 


What everyone needs to know is in the business of cancer ---- there is a lot of money being thrown around.  Clinics make anywhere between 20 thousand to 60 thousand to in some cases over 100 + thousand.  Some charge by the week but don’t be fooled by that price, as most patients stay 3 or 4 months – so add up 2K a week plus 500 housing – that’s about 30K.  Some have a fee of about 30K then when you get there add on another 5K for that one more week and the equipment you need so you end up with another 15 to 20k before leaving. Chinese clinics make you pay for months ahead [just in case as they don’t trust you] and when you only stay a few weeks they don’t refund for months if at all.  Lastly, you cannot forget that though your insurance is paying for conventional in most cases, they charge tens of thousands a month without batting an eye so in comparison the clinics that do at least a better job at treating cancer and are charging less than a month of conventional treatments.  Who complains to their oncologist? Who posts blogs and comments about oncologists being scams or that they kill patients ?  So, think about it.

We have ‘googled’ numerous facilities from Mexico and other country clinics – type in complaints and the name of the clinic, see how many you discover; but remember due your due diligence the medical industry trolls are everywhere. Your oncologist if rated for telling the truth or having good success rates would fail, and they take from you, tens of thousands of dollars, keep this in mind the next time you walk into their office.

Cancer is big business, but it doesn’t have to be. Cures are out there. Not everyone is going to survive. Facts are facts.  Unconventional, alternative clinics are competition, so the Modern Medical Industry will call such treatments quackery.  Likewise, alternative clinics will attack each other. The better you do expect to be attacked. It is the real world.  With one out of three to four people having cancer, there is enough curing to be done that no one clinic could do; but you cannot change the nature of business, any business, including curing cancer.

Now with all this in mind and the truth revealed make your decision wisely.  Be healthy - that's what we want for you.