Financial Aid


We would like to help anyone that can't afford our standard price for treatment.  Cancer does not discriminate, from the very rich to the very poor, cancer appears. While those with suffcient funds can afford to do any treatment they desire, those of medium to lower incomes find getting treatment nearly impossible. We believe everyone should have a chance to receive treatment that has promise to eliminate their cancer.

Our standard price is $35,000 for the three-week treatment with a housing fee of $1850 and companion fee of $700. We provide all meals, maid service and laundry; transportation to and from the airport.

If you can't afford our standard price you can apply for our financial aid program.

Click here to get our financial aid application.

 Be sure to tell us what country you are applying from.

Fill out our form, and supply us with all details, return the application promptly for review. We will notify you as to your acceptance and amount of aid you qualify for. This approval will expire so be sure to be ready to schedule treatment if accepted.

" I spent all the money I had saved for retirement for other treatments but when I told this to Cytoluminator people they quickly told me it didn't matter, they would still make it possible to go. I got a sizable discount and was ready to fly a few days later. Now I am healing at home. I thank them everyday.' O.B.

'I was in semi-retirement and the only way I could afford to go for treatment was to sell my house. Another clinic encouraged me to quickly sell my house, but Cytoluminator told me they would not hear of me selling my house. I would need it when I got home and felt better. They made an arrangement to lower the price to what I told them I had saved for treatment. I got my flight tickets and was off.  My treatment went very well, and three months later I was back working.Best of all I came home every night to my house.' J.T.