Our Cytodefense Program is designed to allow those that are seeking a way to help combat bacterial, viral or fungal both internally and externally to finally find a hopeful solution. Anyone wanting to try our Cytodefense may ask us to obtain some giving us a donation to help us further our research and replenish our expenses.


CTYOTODEFENSE * is a proprietary nanoparticle blend of copper, zinc, sulfur, silver, nitrogen, H2O and methylene blue. All ingredients were chosen for their strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.  It is beneficial in combating both topical and internal infections in both humans and animals. It has the ability to get inside bacteria, viral and fungal cells to disrupt their replication process.

It has been used both topically and internally. The dosage is very small due it being a nanoparticle solution when used internally. Topically a few drops will help in the healing of wounds, fungal infections, and skin infections or irritations.  One 50 ml bottle is equal to more than 100 doses of antibiotic doses [savings of up to 2500$, or in fungal situations over a year of fungal medications like Noxafil   [savings of up 12000$] to and there is no drug that kills viruses Cytodefense can compare to [ to date Cytodefense has successfully killed Dengue fever in the Philippines on numerous people].


The Cytodefense Program helps us gain more insight into what the solution can do for people and their pets.

 We encourage you to share with us your experiences.

Some testimonies:
My dog had a serious bacterial infection under his skin, three rounds of antibiotics didn't touch it. I got a hold of some Cytodefense and put some under his skin where it was oozing. Three days later it was healing and it has now been over a year and it never returned. JN

I had a yeast infection and didn't want to go back to the doctor again for that nasty ointment that usually takes about two or three prescriptions to get it under control. Having some Cytodefense on hand I diluted it in water and liberally applied it. I didn't even take it orally. 20 minutes later the itching was gone and within 48 hours there was no sign of it. Now its been a month and still clear. NN

I operate a small clinic in the Philippines and see dengue fever, many die because they come to us too late. Decided to try Cytodefense that was given to me to use on a child that was quite ill with the fever. He completely recovered. I decided to try it again and again, each time they pull through. Now I am secretly sharing it with other doctors to save the kids. VG

I have a dog that someone shot with a BB gun, by the time I realized he was sick and the wound was infected badly. I gave him a 1/2 teaspoon and put several drops into the wound. The next day he was asking for food and by weeks end he was feeling fine and the wound was nearly healed. TW

I tried some Cytodefense on a stray dog that had the mange, I am a sucker for helping animals and figured if this worked he would maybe get a home. 1/2 teaspoon of the Cytodefense was all it took. With a few weeks his hair was growing back. SW

I have tried Cytodefense on colds and found the cold symptoms seemed to stop, not get worse and within a few days I was at the end of my cold.  I have also used it for ear infections: giving a 1/2 teaspoon for the child and I took an eyedropper and put three drops into his ear. He said the pain disappeared quickly. By the morning he did not complain and has not had the infection return.  I also have small livestock, chickens etc. and use it for them: a raccoon injured one hen taking a bite on her comb, after washing the wound I applied a few drops, covered it with coconut oil as a protectorate, it healed completely; another stood out in the cold rain and by morning she was looking poorly, a few drops into her beak mixed with water did the trick, she was up and eating within a few hours, recently I had a fox grab one of my ducks at the edge of the river, his neck had six puncture wounds but his neck was not broken so I took him in, washed the wounds and using my eyedropper but in two to three drops into each puncture wound, applied gauze around his neck, put in four drops in his beak and confined him; he was eating the next day and two days later was back with the flock, now two weeks later you can't even tell, the wounds healed and feathers grew back. Cytodefense is my go to for infections, wounds, insect bites, whatever needs healing. It's worth its weight in gold. NAN

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