Fair and Reasonable Pricing Because We Care


Cancer does not discriminate, from the very rich to the very poor, cancer appears. While those with sufficient funds can afford to do any treatment they desire, those of medium to lower incomes find getting treatment nearly impossible. We believe everyone should have a chance to receive treatment that has promise to eliminate their cancer.

Our standard price is $35,000 for the three-week treatment with a housing fee of $1850 and companion fee of $700. We provide all meals, maid service and laundry; transportation to and from the airport.

HOWEVER  If you can't afford this we understand. Tell us what you can afford and don't be shy. We are here to make sure you get that opportunity to get your treatment. We will lower our price to get you here.

Talk To Us It's Your Opportunity To Get Treatment: Email Melonie

See what people tell us when we make a difference in their lives:

"We both worked all our lives and then found out cancer hit us. A friend told us to talk to Cytoluminator immediately. We talk to them and wanted to go. They asked if the price was a problem because they felt us hesitate. A day later we get an email that told us if we could be a sizeable percentage lower we were accepted. We jumped at the chance for treatment and were there in a week." C &B

UPDATE from C&B  " Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have worked with you all. We I got an infection I just could not get rid of and doctors here told me it had to be cancer not infection I knew just who to turn to. You agreed to treat my infection for a nominal amount, that was fantastic. And of course it worked and I am now on to full recovery. But when there my better half was not feeling well and Doc insisted on examining him. He found he had an early stage of cancer. Thank God we found it in time. Doc began cancer treatment right away and told us not to worry to pay us when we got back home. The amount we needed to pay was less than half the cost of treatment. You are always in our prays. Thank you Thank you Thank you." C&B

"We had gone to other clinics with no luck. When we found out about Cytoluminator we were low on funds. We were afraid to tell them we didn't have the funds anymore, so we told the we were sorry but couldn't come. They asked us why so we told them. Immediately they told us it was okay that saving a life was far more important. So we told them what we could afford and they told us to make sure we still had enough for flights, which of course we had forgotten about. Again they adjusted the treatment price downward so we had flight money. Treatment was wonderful and this time it worked." M&E

"We have a family to provide for and so many bills since my wife got cancer. The money just wasn't there. I explained this to Cytoluminator staff and they told us we could come for less than one half. My heart just pounded when I heard them tell me. Today my wife's cancer is gone, we have our house, I am working fulltime again and best of all my kids have their mother." D.P.

" I spent all the money I had saved for retirement for other treatments but when I told this to Cytoluminator people they quickly told me it didn't matter, they would still make it possible to go. I got a sizable discount and was ready to fly a few days later. Now I am healing at home. I thank them everyday.' O.B.

'I was in semi-retirement and the only way I could afford to go for treatment was to sell my house. Another clinic encouraged me to quickly sell my house, but Cytoluminator told me they would not hear of me selling my house. I would need it when I got home and felt better. They made an arrangement to lower the price to what I told them I had saved for treatment. I got my flight tickets and was off.  My treatment went very well, and three months later I was back working.Best of all I came home every night to my house.' J.T.