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We have success where everyone else fails, so take time to get to know us and what we can do. We have every faith we can kill cancer.

Our treatments and what we do has come from over decades of dedication, millions of dollars and above all from a sacred gift of God. Without this gift we could not be here today helping you. We give credit to this sacred gift, and give thanks for every divine idea, discovery and healing created from this work.

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Everything we do is focused on making you immune to cancer! There are many herbs, adjuvants and other methods of increasing your immune system. These are helpful in recovering from the severe damage that chemotherapy, surgery and radiation cause to the immune system, but they will NOT help you defeat cancer.

The reason that boosting your immune system will not defeat cancer is because your immune system does not recognize cancer as an enemy. We use several immune boosting meds nearly all of which are herbal or a food substance, but we know it will only slow down the cancer, can only end it in very early cases and even then, it usually comes back.

Photodynamic therapy is the only technique in the world to actually teach the immune system that cancer is an enemy, and our version of PDT is the only one in the world that can reach down deep to metastatic lesions.

There are several links on the immunity page to research papers from the best labs and hospitals in the world that explain and explore the unique ability of PDT to activate the immune system.

Once this is done, then we increase the immune system and when successful it clears every last cancer cell from your body, and more importantly makes you immune to that type of cancer so it can never come back!

Total immunity to cancer is the only way to defeat metastatic cancer and have permanent remission.

Holistic cancer treatment by Cytoluminator is available in the Philippines. We operate here to keep costs to a minimum and because we get the best medical support here. Cebu is a bustling metropolis of 3 million people in the center of the Philippines. The Philippines has been voted among the five happiest places on earth. We can make you immune to cancer here!


Cancer treatment options You must read this discussion on your alternatives as a starting primer. If you are not a biomedical research professional, this information will save you years of research.

So, what actually works when fighting cancer? I started researching medical electronics back in 1972, but I was involved in creating the machines doctors use which make them think they are important. Years later, starting in 2005, I threw myself into cancer research full time, spending 14 hours a day 7 days a week downloading and studying every available document on cancer.

The newest and most powerful cancer treatment was Photo-dynamic therapy, which at that time had some serious limitations in the depth of penetration to reach the cancer and penetration into cancer tumors and in how selective the required sensitizers were when distinguishing between normal and diseased cancer cells, so I set about creating a new vastly superior sensitizer.

Intelligent researchers realize no matter whether they are researching wheels or cancer, you don't re-invent the wheel, so the first task was to find the smartest people in the world on the subject of treating cancer with photo-dynamic therapy and learn everything they knew.

Among the cancer and PDT researchers I studied was a Mr. Hamblin, who at that time was at Harvard University. He was kind enough to share everything he knew and to tell me what needed to be done that nobody had been able to do, so I set about doing it in hopes that cancer could be better controlled with my new cancer sensitizing chemical.

About six months into the project I was talking with Mr. Hamblin, and he said something I will never forget.  "It's a bit early to talk about this, but it looks like PDT when done properly can create a permanent immunity to cancer".  Talk about a shocker, imagine how that felt to hear that!  I told my partner if it was true, I would dedicate the rest of my life to developing that.

After some intense research I found the study from South America where they took mice and injected cancer into both thighs and killed the tumor just on one side with PDT.  To their amazement, the tumor on the other side disappeared a few days later.  They didn't know what had happened, so they decided to do the experiment over.  They injected cancer on both sides of 12 mice and waited and waited and waited... nothing grew! They tried 3 times on all mice, and they could not get cancer cells to grow in them, at least not the kind they had already cured them of.

So, this is the focus, the central theme, of everything we do. First, kill the main part of the cancer in a special way that alerts the immune system to the cancer as an enemy.  Second, support the immune system with a variety of vitamins, special alkalizer compounds and several phytochemicals ( a fancy word for plant extracts ).  Third, disable the cancers ability to make food using a very advanced non-toxic chemical which inhibits glycolysis and at the same time disable cancers ability to resist the immune system.

In my opinion, there is only one way in the world to get long term survival with cancer, and that is to activate the immune system against it so your immune system hunts down every last cell and destroys them.

Let me explain our name.  Cyto is Greek for cell, and Luminator is for the lasers which illuminate the normal and cancer cells.   This process, known as photo-dynamic therapy, is a rapidly growing approved technique.

Photo-dynamic therapy is an advanced cancer protocol which is capable of treating nearly all disease including cancer much more effectively than conventional medicine. Conventional medicine has a very low success at treating advanced cancer compared to other protocols because it suppresses the immune system, but cancer treated with photo-dynamic therapy responds well because we are activating the immune system.

Activating the immune system is the most important aspect of treating cancer. Other protocols focus on activating the immune system, which is easy to do. A lot is written about Shitake mushroom and Transfer factor, but according to our testing they are essentially worthless for cancer. Unless the body knows that the cancer is an enemy, the immune system does not attack. Activating the immune system by itself is not an effective technique.

Photo-dynamic therapy is the best way to do this, because it alone is capable of breaking down the RNA of the cancer and exposing the antigens. Other options, while they activate the immune system, do not make the immune system attack the cancer. Photo-dynamic therapy destroys large tumors in a few days.

Photo-dynamic therapy is the biggest breakthrough in medicine over the last hundred years.  In addition to being a very effective cancer treatment, photo-dynamic therapy makes it possible to treat many diseases untreatable with conventional medicine.

It is amazing to find a system is effective for treating cancer, autoimmune diseases, bacterial and viral disease with the same chemicals and equipment.  It is even more amazing that photo-dynamic therapy which is so deadly to cancer is harmless to normal tissue, unlike chemo and radiation which damage normal tissue. Photo-dynamic therapy activates the immune system to attack cancer, and this is the ONLY way complete cancer remission can be maintained. If the cancer is not recognized by the immune system, it will not be controlled. Conventional cancer treatment damages the immune system.

Of all the cancer options available, Photo-dynamic therapy should always be used, but only if it is the right photo-dynamic therapy. There are cancer adjuvants which can be used with photo-dynamic therapy to treat cancer. If you are researching cancer, this site will provide more information on cancer than you could find in years on your own.

I have spent 9 years, 12 hours a day six days a week researching this, and I have gone through 30,000 research papers on cancer treatment, both conventional cancer treatment and all other options, herbal, complementary, natural and a combination of all of them, with a main focus on photo-dynamic therapy. I am sharing the key points of these years of research to make your journey as easy as possible and increase the possibility of finding the best most natural cancer protocol.